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Kids Unite Multiple sports
and activities tailored for school learning
Fun and enjoyable and helps social development.

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Fun activities to promote a healthy
lifestyle. Various different sports that are perfect to
incorporate beginners into a new sport.

Multiple sports and

Numerous different sports
Tag rugby, rounders, football, tennis
and our new bike-ability course.

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Kids Unite deliver sports coaching in schools for a number of sports including Tag Rugby, Rounders, Tennis, Football and Bike-Ability. Quality sports coaching in schools can help social development and improve children`s Behaviour. Feel free to look at the different sections of this website and see what we can offer.

Kids Unite - Sports Coaching in Schools

Classes that we provide please see below:

Emotional and Social Development

sports coaching in schools

According to KidsHealth youngsters who exercise regularly are more likely to classify themselves as happy than those who don't.

Regular Exercise Reduces Both Anxiety and Depression
Exercise raises our levels of Serotonin, Endorphins and other chemicals that have a calming, feel good factor and anti-depressive effect on our brain.


sports coaching in schools

Social Benefits of Regular Exercise
By participating in team sports and activities it means that not only does your self confidence improve but also your social skills as you work alongside others of a common interest in the chosen sport or activity. This then encourages friendships and conversation with others creating a positive social life.

Strive, Enjoy, Achieve !


Full Day, Half Day, Sports Days & Term Time Sports coaching in schools


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sports coaching in schools