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A Few Words About Us

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Kids Unite was formed to bring sports into schools with coaching, PE lessons, sports day and fun day to develop and enhance children`s knowledge of what sport is and how it can improve health, and also increase enjoyment and social development.

Kids Unite has fully qualified coaches to insure child safety and to make sure the children are receiving the most up to date quality coaching in the required sport.

We have many sports in which we specialise including Tag Rugby, Rugby, Football, Rounders, Tennis, and our newest course is bike ability where students can learn how to cycle safely on main roads weather they are a beginner or advanced cyclist.


Emotional Development

pe lessons

According to KidsHealth youngsters who exercise regularly are more likely to classify themselves as happy than those who don't.

Regular Exercise Reduces Both Anxiety and Depression

Exercise raises our levels of Serotonin, Endorphins and other chemicals that have a calming, feel good factor and anti-depressive effect on our brain.

Exercise Makes You Feel Better

Regular exercise helps you to sleep better and therefore you will have more energy throughout the following day. It tones and tightens your body, causing you to look better in your clothes-this will improve your self esteem. Endorphins boost your mood and increase concentration skills allowing you to focus better on your schoolwork with better levels of success your self confidence will improve.


Social Development

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Social Benefits of Regular Exercise

By participating in team sports and activities it means that not only does your self confidence improve but also your social skills as you work alongside others of a common interest in the chosen sport or activity. This then encourages friendships and conversation with others creating a positive social life.

Strive, Enjoy, Achieve !

What We Offer


We offer Coaching Sessions and PE lessons in block bookings which is usually a six week program but can be extended.


We also offer single booking Coaching Sessions and PE lessons if you wanted a trial session of if you wanted a specialised coaching session or PE lesson. We also offer a full day of coaching which is perfect for school sports days or sports try out sessions. 


Contact us for prices and more information about what we can offer we will be happy to answer any of your questions or query's

Our Staff

  • Phill Mills

    Kids Unite Phill Mills Coach is currently playing Semi-professional rugby for Fylde RFC and having representative honours through the age…

  • Robert Ormrod

    Kids Unite Golf Coach Robert has a ASQ Level 2 qualification in coaching golf, he is also a golf professional…

  • Sarah Ormrod

    kids unite sports coach Kids Unite sports coach Sarah's passion is Sport of any kind and she would describe herself…

  • Dominic Moon

    Bikeability teacher Kids Unite Coach Dominic Moon has many qualifications in sports coaching his two main qualifications are bikeability teacher…

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