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Website Launch


As you will be reading this currently on the new website you will notice that we have plenty of new features and content for you to read. There are many sports that we provide to schools with professional and fully qualified staff that are dedicated to helping develop peoples physical and technical performance. This is done in a fun and enjoyable way including loads of games to make sure everyone is involved and having fun.

If you have any questions about the new website or you want any information on what we provide please visit the contact page which has all the details for you so that you can get in touch.


Schools Visited


I have just finished delivering a 6 week tag rugby course at Barrowford St Thomas Primary School in Barrowford. During this six weeks of delivering to a class of 35 children in year 5 & 6 the kids developed in tag rugby learning skills including : catching a rugby ball, passing a rugby ball, Tagging opponents and evading players. When we brought the small sided tag games in for the last 3 weeks the children were understanding the rules and was able to use the skills learnt to have a mini tournament in the last session with lots of prizes on offer. The kids were brilliant and took everything coached on board thank you Barrowford St Thomas.


New Bike ability Course


Kids Unite are proud to announce our new bikeability program, the bikeability course is based on the government national standards for cycle training. There are 3 stages of the bikeability course.

  • Level 1 teaches basic bike-handling skills in a controlled traffic-free environment.
  • Level 2 teaches trainees to cycle planned routes on minor roads, offering a real cycling experience.
  • Level 3 ensures trainees are able to manage a variety of traffic conditions and is delivered on busier roads with advanced features and layouts.

This course ensures safety when cycling on roads having completed this program cycling to school can be completed in a safe and easy way.

The roads these days are getting busier by the minute with cars, buses and bikes. However you do not learn how to ride a bike on the roads, this course ensures that young adults are educated on how to properly cycle on roads in a safe manner.