Rounders Class

Rounders is one of the main sports in the curriculum at schools. This is a fun sport which includes hand and eye coordination with plenty of physical exercise which makes it an all round good sport.

Beginner class

There are three stages that we deliver rounders to schools in, the first stage which is aimed at primary school years is all about learning the basic fundamentals. This includes catching, throwing and batting. These skills are developed by lots of fun small games making sure the kids are keeping active. By the end of the course the kids should know the basic rules of a rounders game and be able to take part in small sided games.

Intermediate class

The second stage or otherwise know as the intermediate stage is aimed at lower secondary school year groups. These sessions work on developing the game strategy`s and making the students think of how to work together as teams. We also look in depth at how the students can improve their skills in catching, passing and batting to gain an advantage. By the end of the course the students will know all the rules of rounders and be able to compete in a rounders game.

Experienced class

The third stage or the experienced stage is aimed at the higher year groups at secondary school, college and university students. We teach students how they can better their individual performance using analysis of the core skills but also game analysis, which is growing in professional sport. We also look at how nutrition and strength and conditioning can be a factor in how sport is played. By the end of this course the students will know the basics of sports analysis and how it works, and be able to improve their personal performance through skill development.

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