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Full Day Sports Coaching

Full school sports coaching days are perfect for introducing new sports into the school, school sports days and to try out different types of sports. We offer different full day programs one which includes different sports throughout the day or we can offer the same sport for all the different year groups. Please contact to find out more.


Half Day Sports Coaching

Like the full day coaching we also offer half day programs which is perfect for a few year groups to try different sports. These sessions also bring an element of team building exercises to help in social development of the children. Please contact to find out more.


School Sports Days

School sports days are always fun days as this is when the kids all come together to try out new sports and compete in a range of different sports. Kids unite offer coaches to spend the full day coaching and organising a school sports day. Please contact for more information.


Term time Classes

Sports in school is a great way to get children involved in sports or activities that they may not have tried before or would never otherwise try. Also it teaches children why sport and exercise can be important to their health and well-being. Kids unite offer PE sessions in line with curriculum learning to enhance children's knowledge of sport and their physical development. Please contact for more information.

Most Popular Classes

  • Rugby World Cup Tag sessions
  • Rounders
  • Mini Football
  • Bikeability
  • Tennis

College and University Sports Classes

School sports coaching in college

We offer a range of different sports for colleges one of them rugby, having just finished coaching the mens rugby team at Preston college for the year and having been to a specialised college for playing rugby I have a wealth of knowledge about college sports coaching and working with sports teams at colleges. please contact 07519 267242 or for more information.

School sports coaching rounders

College sports have a big impact on getting young adults into different sports they may not have tried in primary or secondary school. This is again promoting social interaction between new students that attend the college and existing students. With the range of sports kids unite offer in colleges this would be a good opportunity to get in touch on 07519 267242 or .

School sports coaching tennis

Kids unite deliver help and guidance for teachers when working in college sports teams and developing teachers coaching ensuring that it is sustainable in the long term. For all the sports we offer, Kids Unite advise the teachers to get involved and participate in the activities so that they can pick up coaching tips along the way. Please contact 07519 267242 or  for more information.

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