Football class


football coaching

Football is a very popular sport amongst children and young adults, at kids unite we offer specialised football coaching for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Football coaching - Beginner class

The football classes vary depending on the age groups, for the primary course we work on developing fundamental ball control skills and working on basic passing and ball control by using mini fun games and drills. By the end of the course the children will know the basic rules of the game and be able to compete in small sided games.

Football coaching - Intermediate class

The intermediate class is aimed at secondary school year groups this course incorporates what is involved in the primary course such as fundamental skills and ball control but progresses into small sided quick skill based games focusing on decision making. We also start to specialise on passing techniques and start to develop the basics of shooting. Also this course starts to increase the size of the pitch and teams so it is becoming more of a full sided football game.

Football coaching - Experienced class

The Experienced class is aimed at college and universities this starts to develop tactical awareness and game awareness. The class is about getting the students to think about game understanding and how they would play different game plans depending on who they were playing. This is all completed in fun games to ensure the students are concentrating on decision making.