Netball class

netball coaching

Netball is a sport for all ages and abilities the main skills taught in netball coaching require hand and eye coordination, passing and shooting.

Netball coaching - Beginner class

There are three different courses that we provide the first being aimed at primary school age groups and this course looks at improving the basic skills such as passing and catching using mini games. By the end of the course the kids will know the basic rules of netball and be able to play in small sided games.

Netball coaching - Intermediate class

The second course is aimed toward lower secondary school year groups and starts to develop the basic skills using them in small sided games that progresses into full netball games. by the end of the course the students will know all the rules of a full netball game and be able to compete in a full netball game.

Netball coaching - Experienced class

The third course is aimed toward the higher age groups at secondary schools, colleges and university's. This course looks at the netball skills and game in a greater detail using video analysis to develop individual and team performance. We can also include nutrition advice for sports performance and start to coach skill development. by the end of this course the students will be able to compete in a full netball game and understand positioning.