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rugby coaching

Rugby coaching

Rugby has many core values that can be influential to children in their development in school and in sport. These core values include teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship all of which can be achieved with rugby coaching.

Rugby coaching - Beginner class

The sessions that we run work in three stages the first being tag rugby which includes fun ball handling games using teamwork and communication to get used to the basic rugby rules. This then progresses on to small sided tag games slowly introducing rules to become a tag rugby game.

Rugby coaching - Intermediate class

The intermediate class we run is aimed toward the secondary schools and colleges which start to incorporate contact including tackling, rucking and scrums. We start with basic skills and wrap tackling ensuring the children know how to tackle properly and safely. In these sessions we play lots of fun small sided skill games and tackle games so that everyone can get involved and participate in physical performance.

Rugby coaching - Experienced class

The experienced classes that we run are aimed toward school, college, university or club teams. This includes specialised coaching that looks at game management, analysis, skill based games and drills, set piece performance and game plan organisation.