Tennis class


tennis coaching

Tennis coaching - Beginner class

We offer a wide range of different tennis coaching sessions as they vary depending on age and year groups. Tennis sessions for primary school include fun games developing the basic fundamental skills in a game environment working on racket balance and tennis ball skills. By the end of the course the children will know the basic tennis rules and court markings and have knowledge of how to play tennis in a game.

Tennis coaching - Intermediate class

Moving on to intermediate sessions aimed at higher year groups of primary and lower year groups of secondary schools. This incorporates more of the racket handling skills and striking of the tennis ball. This course also brings in a bit of competition between players having them return the ball over the net slowly bringing in the rules of the game. By then end of the course the students will know the tennis rules and be able to take part in a tennis game.

Tennis coaching - Experienced class

Experienced sessions are aimed towards the higher age groups of secondary schools, college and university players. The course detail varies depending on which age group it is but mostly works on technique coaching and bringing in the different types of shot that can be used in different situations and includes more 1 to 1 skill development.

All the sessions that are provided include games and drills to improve the students but also are very inclusive to all that take part with different progressions for all players.