New bikeability Program

bikeability 1

Kids Unite are proud to announce our new bikeability program, the bikeability course is based on the government national standards for cycle training. There are 3 stages of the bikeability course.

  • Level 1 teaches basic bike-handling skills in a controlled traffic-free environment.
  • Level 2 teaches trainees to cycle planned routes on minor roads, offering a real cycling experience.
  • Level 3 ensures trainees are able to manage a variety of traffic conditions and is delivered on busier roads with advanced features and layouts.

This course ensures safety when cycling on roads having completed this program cycling to school can be completed in a safe and easy way.

The roads these days are getting busier by the minute with cars, buses and bikes. However you do not learn how to ride a bike on the roads, this course ensures that young adults are educated on how to properly cycle on roads in a safe manner.

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